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Atten AT938D 60W soldering station
Atten AT938D 60W soldering station

Atten AT938D 60W soldering station

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Atten AT980E soldering station

1.Max Power is 150W.
2.Can automatically recognize the soldering tools that you connected and upload the corresponding parameters
3. All kinds of parameter data and information in the form of graphics display with its large graphic display
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Atten AT980E soldering station Specifications:

it is ergonomically-styled 80W digital soldering station, is ruggedly constructed to cope with industrial use and incorporates many features demanded by today's soldering techniques.

  • 80W output power
  • High quality pluggable 4-core heating element
  • LCD display
  • Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • MCU controlled temperature calibration
  • User-friendly menu for easier system setting
  • Separate iron stand to save room and make deposit easier
  • Low-voltage heater separated from power supply for safer working
Item Name AT938D AT980D
Power consumption 60W 80W
Power source 220V AC +-10%, 50Hz 220V AC +-10%, 50Hz
Temperature range 150 to 450C Degree(302 to 842F Degree) 150 to 450 C Degree(302 to 842F Degree)
Temperature stability (still air, no load) +-2C Degree +-2C Degree
Temperature accuracy +-15 C Degree +-10C Degree
Tip-to-ground impedance <2 <2
Tip-to-ground potential <2mV <2mV
Setting manner Buttons Buttons
Temperature calibration Digital calibration Digital calibration
Heater 60W dual-wire ceramic heater 80W quad-wire ceramic heater
Dimensions (L x W x H) 146 x 120 x 91mm 146 x 120 x 91mm
Net weight 1.8kg 1.8kg


Prepare:Plug the handle with main body and turn tight, place it on stand, connect power source.

Dial temperature:Dial the knob to a temperature value you required, switch on the main body, temperature indicator light as a result. Temperature indicator flickers means the temperature of iron tip reaches to set value. Now you can do the soldering job.

Calibrate temperature:When the heating element or soldering tip is replaced, you need calibrate the tip temperature. Please set temperature at 350 Degree, 30 seconds later fine-tune the "CAL" in panel by a "-"or "+"screwdriver.

Self examination:If the machine cannot reach to a set temperature within 30 seconds or longer, it might due to the malfunction of heating element. How to replace it please refer to Chapter: replacing the heating element.


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Temperature of iron tip will be up to 200 to 400 Degree after connecting power, so it may lead to injury

or fire because of improper usage. Please abide the following terms:

Don't touch the iron tip or surrounding metals.

Never operate it near the flammable gas or substance.

Disconnect from power source if the unit will not be used for long periods. Switch off power during short breaks.

Replace accessories or iron tip after turning off the station and let it cool down.

Never operate this device, if you don't have soldering experience or enough knowledge to use.

Keep away from children.

Safety Precautions

Caution: Improper usage can cause serious injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment. For

personnel safety, please follow these precautions:

Never use it to do other work except soldering.

Do not subject the main unit to physical shock. Never drop or sharply jolt the unit.

Don't change the device at will

Replace loss items with original accessories of ATTEN.

Don't put it in water or operate with wet hands

Don't pull the cable but hold tightly the plug when you take it out of plug.

Please keep the operate place well ventilated since soldering process produce smoke.

Don't play with other people or would be easy to hurt others or yourself.


Package details:

Soldering Iron


Iron holder


Power Cord




Clean sponge